FWRD Content

FWRD Content is a multi-platform, full service production company / studio with presence in Los Angeles and Connecticut (right out side NYC).

Founded in 2014 by Justin A. Tucker and Author Lyons, the company is a creative collaboration between two experienced producers and longtime friends, bringing together their unique vision and knack for making popular and innovative content across a variety of platforms.

Working with some of the biggest brands and networks, FWRD specializes in premium television shows, commercials and documentaries.

Our Philosophy is simple:

To maintain our status as an industry leader in producing ground breaking content and ideas from inception to completion in the most innovative way!

We empower the most talented and creatively brilliant minds in entertainment to do their best work.

Whether it’s commercial, digital or broadcast and cable, we are trusted by the biggest names in the world to deliver a vision that either tells their story or uplifts their brand.

- Founder Justin A Tucker